Increase productivity through inspired furniture design.


Earlier this month, The Office for National Statistics provided evidence that productivity is the single biggest economic challenge facing Britain today. Focusing on workplace environments,  Extentia Group’s Morning Larks & Night Owls productivity survey report, echoed a clear message that engaging, stimulating surroundings can in fact encourage creative thinking and smarter working. As Design-led furniture specialists and consultants, we want to know why the UK’s productivity output is continuing to decrease and how we can help improve this?

We spend around a third of our time at work and this can become increasingly overwhelming especially when working in a dull, uninspiring workplace environment. Here at Ralph Capper, we believe a well-designed office through clever furnishings and intuitive layouts can play an important role in boosting productivity. Bringing the outside in is also another way to add inspiration to your office space and helps to relieve stress by adding much needed oxygen into the atmosphere. Simple splashes of colour can impact our mood too, increasing both wellbeing and productivity.

But before you pick up that paintbrush be sure to take your employees on this journey, survey them about their pain points – are the noise levels, right? Is there somewhere you can work quietly? Is there enough collaborative workspace?

People work in different ways and that age old saying tidy space, tidy mind couldn’t be truer. Keeping your workspace clean and tidy can significantly improve productivity and the right furniture is integral to this. Getting creative with furniture can add flexibility to your office, transforming workspaces from a boring bank of desks to an exciting collaborative working zone.

Businesses often underestimate the importance of office furniture and “play it safe” by selecting uninspired and uncomfortable furnishings. Research has suggested that boring furniture can lead to loss of interest in the work environment which in turn affects employee productivity. While unsuitable furniture can lead to employees feeling frustrated.

At Ralph Capper, we believe in combining comfort and functionality with character and design.  Selecting the right furniture for your office space needs to reflect a company’s brand values and embrace smart working practices which will contribute to a more effective and efficient workplace, increasing employee wellbeing and productivity.

Not sure how your workplace is driving productivity, why not try our survey.

Over the next few months, we’ll be exploring more about how furniture and office design can help you optimise your staff productivity. In the meantime, if you would like any more information about what we do and how we can help improve your workplace, then please get in touch.